Steel Constructions

The basic production programme comprises three different standard versions of trash rakes. Two of them we would like to feature on this page, for the others please contact us for more information!  

The excavator like "HY-A" type
available as

  • light version with a rake span of max. 3 m and an operation length of max. 4 m
  • heavy duty version with a rake span of max. 7.5 m and an operation length of max. 7.5 m


The teleskope like "HY-T" type

available in the same versions and dimensions as "HY-A".

Both types are also available as mobile version, as well as in Oversize.

The motions of these hydromechanical machines are controlled by PLC. The working cycles are triggered either by a timer or by a pneumatic differential level control which is installed in the switchboard. The switchboard also comprises the electric controls for the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic valves.


All motions are limited by the touches of the cylinders. The motion cycles are simply controlled by timed steps and there are no external position switches that are subject to failures.   Looking at the pictures the operation cycle is well imaginable: Triggered either by the timer or the water level control the jib or the teleskop unit is beeing swivelled out and the rake lowered to the bottom end of the trash rack. Then the motion is reversed and the rake starts wandering up along the trash rack, dragging along the debris up to the top deck or a leet or conveyor belt etc.

Since the cylinders that press the rake onto the trash rack and the ones that pull the rake up, are hydraulically linked the required rake pressure always is adjusted to the required tensile force:

Strong resistance to the rake because of heavy debris > higher hydraulic pressure in the system > higher pressure of the rake onto the trash rack - and vice versa. The pressure medium is a biodegradable ester oil of the class ISO VG 46 to 68.

Roller gate during installation, coarse screen H = 3m, W = 10m, left in the picture
Two-part dam board at the sewer inlet, fixed part installed, movable gate and drive still to be installed